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This is a service I offer to individuals and families to organize and declutter their homes. This can be focused in one room kitchen/playroom/garage/closet or can be a complete once over of the entire home (like a spring tidy) depending on what you need. I will help you to recognize what is important to you and how to organize these items so that you can use/appreciate them.

I will help you to put the items that you use most often within arms reach and, perhaps, discover items you no longer want or need. I work at your pace in a non-judgmental and caring way.

Clearing the space you live in is an emotional journey and should not be undertaken lightly. I understand that some items in your home hold sentimental value and others may just be difficult to let go of.

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"Sinead Provided priceless perspective and detachment in reorganizing our work and home. She instinctively knew where the lines between personal and business were and made what could have been a painful process a kind of rebirth! She is definitely a people person and will always be welcome back here!"- Josef Steiner – Naduir Wellness Centre, Galway, Ireland
- Work done – Intensive office and domestic purge for a busy wellness centre. Reorganization of living and working space - 5 days to clear.

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