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Having worked in yachting services (Gourmet Deliveries and Environmental Yacht Services) I have seen that in the Yachting industry time and space are at a premium. Most large Yachts have land-based storage containers full of old uniforms and unwanted furniture. Why not get a full inventory of what is in your storage container so that you can decide what you actually want to keep and what you don’t?

Most Yacht crew do not have time to go and sort through all the items that are in these containers, which is why I offer this service.

You could save the money that is being spent on the storage, make some money from selling some of the items and possibly create more space on the Yacht by moving items that are not immediately needed to the container.

I also offer services to come and help you to declutter and organise the storage areas on the Yacht. Storage on yachts is always smaller than we need and having it organized and streamlined makes the most of any space.

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